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Download only: Navigator Setup

After purchase we will email you the self installing map file.

For GARMIN (See Lowrance below)

You must already have the Garmin MapSource program installed on your computer. If yours is an older version Garmin offers free updates on their site here.

Follow these steps as indicated. The process is very simple.

1. Close MapSource.

2. Click the on the link we email you (or the .exe file on the CD), then click "RUN". This will start the install.

baja-screenshot9.jpg (52100 bytes)

Install-choose-drive.JPG (47633 bytes)

Your Baja map is now installed in Mapsource™.

You can now upload your LBMaps Baja map to your GPS as you do with your other MapSource™ maps.

Be sure MapSource detail is set to "highest" and "show map detail" is set on.

ken1.jpg (119477 bytes)


After running the downloaded file, follow the prompts, then follow the directions on the last screen. You will need to copy the files to your MMC card

If you still have trouble E-mail us for help larrybuckinc@gmail.com

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