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Map Types

Forms of Digital mapping

1. Raster maps:

This mapping is usually scanned from paper versions, and is called raster mapping. (Raster, because it is made up of collections of pixels, or is a bitmap).

Raster mapping has the advantage of reproducing exactly what we see on paper, including shading, coloring, features and contour lines. Raster maps are one scale only, you cannot decrease the scale without losing resolution, because the image becomes "pixilated".

This type of mapping is used by programs such as Trax, Fugawi, Oziexplorer, National Geographic, Maptech and most others, for use on a computer or PDA. Raster mapping cannot be loaded into any Garmin GPS, even the so-called map models. Many of these maps are described as "GPS compatible" because you can connect a GPS to your PC and transfer waypoints, tracks and routes between the PC and GPS. But you cannot load the map on the GPS.

You can however, load points and routes from the maps, into your GPS. You can do this manually, or by computer link, using Fugawi, Oziexplorer and most map programs.

2. Vector maps:

The other type of digital mapping is called vector mapping. This is because it is made up of simple instructions like a program. For example:
10. Join points 2 and 3 with a red line 2mm thick.
20. Join points 2 and 4 with a black line 0.5mm thick.
and so on.

Vector mapping has the advantage of being able to be searched for names, words and phrases. In effect, it is its own database, so is much more useful in a "find where" situation. It is also scaleable, that is it remains in focus regardless of scale.

GPS, whether hand-held, marine, or in-car, is used mainly to guide you to a destination. Vector mapping is more effective in GPS, because it is searchable for names and places.

All the cartography, marine and land, supplied by Garmin, is in vector form for more effective "find" and guide functions. Vector mapping is released by Garmin worldwide under the MapSource brand for use on a computer, and for Garmin map type GPS. So choose a Garmin  GPS, if you want to load maps.

All our Maps are Garmin Mapsource compatible vector maps and will load to your GPS using Garmin Mapsource.

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