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Baja Navigator


No unlock code needed, can be used on multiple units.

To load the entire Baja Navigator map takes 2mb of memory storage.

Basemap for your PC, Laptop or Garmin mapping GPS. Compact file size uses less GPS memory and works great on color or monochrome screens. This map works excellent in these units  and all other Garmin mapping GPS units. It has great road detail, lots of Pemex stations and other info for the Baja traveler.

Installs into your MapSource,  just like the maps from Garmin. You can combine your Garmin maps and your Baja map into a map set and load them all to your GPS. This map does not contain autorouting data.

US$39.95   Baja Navigator GPS map for Garmin download. Requires Garmin MapSource already installed on you computer.
US$49.95   Baja Navigator GPS map for Garmin on Micro SD Card. Just plug it in your GPS and GO! Free shipping!

We will email you a self installing file. Please allow 24 hrs but you usually receive it  within a couple hours.

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We Guarantee you'll be satisfied with the Baja Navigator. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this map, within 15 days we will refund your full purchase price.

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Conception_bay_Grayscale-01.jpg (17860 bytes)  LB_Baja3.jpg (21289 bytes)   LaPaz_Grayscale-01.jpg (23562 bytes)   baja-screenshot5.jpg (24614 bytes)

baja-screenshot7.jpg (109248 bytes)

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We Guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Navigator within 15 days we will refund your full purchase price.


We have attempted to get the most accuracy of these maps, nevertheless due to the information processing as well as possible inaccuracies of the raw data used, these maps shall only be used as a reference as they are not designed for precision navigation. They are specifically for land use and shall never be used for sea or water navigation. This map is not autorouting. We do not accept any responsibility for errors or missing information that the maps may have. The use of these maps is under the exclusive and unique responsibility of the user who upon purchasing them accepts he(she) and only he(she) is responsible of  any damage that the user could suffer or provoke due to the use of this information.  Each user is unique responsible for any damage that this information may produce  to their computer and/or GPS.  LBMaps does not accept any responsibility whatsoever in case of damage, direct or indirect, consequential or collateral as result of the use, incorrect use or misuse  of the maps. Your GPS receiver warranty may be affected as manufacturers may not accept nor endorse the use of third party maps. If you are not in agreement with these terms, please do not purchase nor use this information. The action of purchasing any of our maps is understood as the purchaser accepting the above mentioned terms.

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